About Me

Some people call me a Jill of All Trades. Others prefer the term “well-rounded.” My interests and experiences span the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. I am equally beholden to both my right and left brain because art and science should never be diametrically opposed.  Born on the Gen X-Y cusp, raised by Traditionalists, and mentored by Boomers, I never underestimate the value of intergenerational collaboration.

I am an undercover Solutions Operative* too. Do you need to build a bridge or improve your information infrastructure? Parachute me in to forge a cross-functional alliance of tribes previously at war. I can navigate foreign organizational cultures and decode unspoken languages. Let me help you find and solve problems you didn’t know you had.

For a traditional description of my work history and skill set, please visit my LinkedIn profile and my company website.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me happiest roller skating outdoors, saving pennies or talking to the plants in my garden. But more often than not, I spend far too much time online.

Last but not least. Those who know me best know that I suffer from a wicked case of topophilia. One of the coping techniques for my love of place includes Pinterest and Instagram. Follow me and see for yourself.

*A few years ago I declared Arwa T. the original Solutions Operative. When she is not jetsetting around the globe, I often go to her for answers.

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