Aunty Kathy’s Pop Culture Primer Vol. 1

More about Picture Clues

The photo images icon lets your kid know that they can scan the 10 pages of picture clues to find the answer. For example, the two icons in the upper right corner of this question mean that in addition to reading the track listing information, your kid can look for a clue in the picture with teddy bears to find the answer.

Sample Question:

Related Picture Clue:

The answer is d.) Cobra. Not only does the activity book teach your kid a little pop culture, like the example above demonstrates, some questions test your kid’s knowledge of the animal kingdom, too. Subject matter ranges from the alphabet, counting numbers and calendar days to manufacturing, geography, military history, botany, and major sporting events.

Please Don’t Sue Me and Other Important Considerations

Parental Advisory:  The appropriate age range is debatable since I have no background in primary school education or home schooling. I’ve given copies of this workbook to a handful of children aged 6-10. Younger readers like exploring the picture clues but need an adult to help with the questions whereas the 10 year-old devoured the workbook in 2 days. It’s up to you, the parent or adult gift-giver, and your discretion.

Other disclaimers: I do not own any copyrights to the music. You can listen to the corresponding Vol. 1 playlists on SpotifySing-A-Long Songs and Sleepy Time Songs. But you will have to purchase songs on iTunes in order to create the related CDs to include in the activity book binder. If you are burning CDs you may need to reduce default the number of seconds between songs to get all of the songs to fit on a disc. I also don’t own any rights to the activity book images but they were all found using Google Image Search. The PDF file is about 10 MB so it might be slow to open.

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