Aunty Kathy’s Pop Culture Primer Vol. 1

How it Works

The activity book includes 50 questions. So not only will your lucky kid learn a few songs, he or she will also get early exposure to standardized testing formats endured by previous generations. However, I can’t guarantee the best answer to a multiple choice question is always “C” in this activity book.

For kids who may have never seen a standardized test, the activity book includes instructions on how to fill out different types of answers.

The activity book also includes a system of clue icons and their meanings.

Sample Questions and Clues

The notebook icon in the upper right corner of this question means that he or she can read the track listing and artist information to answer this question.

The music icon in the upper right corner of this question means that listening to the song is the best way to find the answer.

Download the PDF now or see page 3 to learn how picture clues work…

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